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Nighttime Speaking Clock PRO

0.99 usd

This is the most convenient application to check the time without having to open your eyes.It is recommended for people who have trouble sleeping.It is simple to use:1. Open the app and place your phone face up next to you, for example on your bedside table. You can black your screen out.2. Whenever you feel the need just hover your hand over your phone and it will automatically announce the current time.
Features comparing to free version:* automatic launch which charger connected* set hours and days of week of automatic enable disable app* no advertisements
Our app will consume very little battery power and it's useful for for visually impaired users.
Talking clock will not interrupt your sleeping patterns as it runs on a blacked out screen and will only announce the time when you hold your hand above the handset.
Other app can be used in tandem with this app.Voice clock won't interfere with your sleeping patterns, because it is not intrusive.Volume and many other parameters can be set to your personal preferences.Sound and voice quality is excellent and no other text speaking engines need to be installed.
Application supports 16 languages:►English US and UK►German, French►Japanese►Spanish, Italian, Portuguese PT and BR►Swedish, Dutch►Russian, Polish►Chinese, Korean►Turkish